InstaPAGE Acrylamide 30% Solution

Model Number IB70003

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CAS#: 110-26-9 / 79-06-1

  • Ready-to-use solution for preparing polyacrylamide gels for sequencing and protein electrophoresis

InstaPAGE Acrylamide Solution is a premixed acrylamide:bisacrylamide solution for pouring polyacrylamide gels used in sequencing and protein electrophoresis.

Physical Specifications
Conductivity Max.:10μmho
pH (Acryl: 10%, 0.1M NaCl):5.5 - 6.5
Purity (Acrylamide):Min. 98.5%
Purity (Bis-Acrylamide):Min. 99.0%

Molecular Biology Specifications
DNase assay:None Detected
RNase assay:None Detected
Protease assay:None Detected
Polymerization assay:Pass
Gel analysis assay:Pass

IB70002 - Specification Sheet

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