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IBI Scientific is a leader in manufacturing and distributing microbiology laboratory supplies. Learn about the products we offer and how to procure the best microbiology supplies for your laboratory needs.

Microbiology Supplies

There is a breadth of microbiology laboratory procedures, each with its own unique protocol and supply needs. From culturing bacteria to Gram staining to extracting RNA or DNA to assessment of biofilms, your lab needs the best products. Following is a list of commonly used supplies for microbiological labs:

  • Flasks. Flasks are a workhorse of the microbiology lab. The patented TUNAIR Shake Flask Systems offer better growth and productivity than standard Erlenmeyer flasks. This is due to the unique design, which features baffling and turbo-vane closure to increase the availability of dissolved oxygen, improving cell yields. Available in a variety of sizes, these polypropylene flasks are resistant to most solvents.
  • Culture media. When culturing bacteria, choice of microbiological media matters. Check technical specifications carefully to determine the ideal media for your particular bacteriological needs. For example, blood agar base is ideal for studying hemolytic reactions, while casein peptone and yeast extract may be needed to cultivate strains of E. coli. Bacteriological agar is an excellent solidification agent for culture media. IBI Scientific carries both dry culture media as well as liquid microbiological media.
  • Biofilm flow cell systems. Biofilms researchers depend on flow cell systems for biofilm formation. These systems permit in vitro cultivation and evaluation of biofilms in the absence of planktonic cells. The best biofilms flow cell systems permit real-time, non-destructive, direct assessment of biofilms with traditional transmission light microscopes or a confocal laser microscope.
  • DNA/RNA extraction kits. Extracting DNA or RNA from yeast and bacteria presents unique challenges. Our gYEAST Genomic DNA Reagent Kits are optimized for use with Saccharomyces cerevisiae and other fungus species. The rYEAST test kits are used for RNA extraction from yeast. The extracted DNA or RNA may be subjected to PCR and other enzymatic reactions. We also offer a full range of kits for RNA and DNA extraction from bacteria.

Choosing a Microbiology Laboratory Supplier

When it comes to procuring microbiology supplies for your laboratory, you have options. Consider the following factors when making choices about the best supplies for your experiment pipeline:

  • Reagent quality. Quality of reagents vary between manufacturers, and there is nothing more frustrating than an experiment failing due to suboptimal reagents. IBI Scientific is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of life science research products. This means that our microbiology reagents and other lab supplies meet the highest industry standards for quality, purity, and reliability.
  • Test kit efficiency. Before choosing a product, always check the efficiency and yield. Seemingly analogous products from two manufacturers may provide very different yields, disrupting your downstream microbiology experiments.
  • Scalability. For example, you may want to begin with as few as four test kits to test whether a product will work for your lab, but you may need hundreds more once you begin testing samples at scale. That is why we offer a range of test supply quantities, making ordering easier for our clients.
  • Breadth of available products. There is nothing more frustrating than having to make a large order of lab supplies, only to find that each manufacturer offers only a few supplies that you need. IBI Scientific has a full range of microbiological lab products, making it easy to streamline your ordering process.

IBI Scientific is an industry leader in manufacturing supplies for microbiological labs. We are committed to providing the highest quality supplies at competitive prices. To learn more about our products and start a quote, contact us today. One of our knowledgeable customer service experts can discuss the products that best meet your lab needs.

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