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Outfitting your laboratory with all of the necessary equipment takes time, effort, and organization. When focusing on major items, it’s easy to forget about all of the smaller lab accessories that ensure your laboratory runs smoothly. From Kimwipes to glove box holders, keep your lab stocked with these essentials to improve efficiency and organization.

Necessary Accessories for Any Laboratory

Take a look around any well-organized laboratory, and you will notice small accessories make a big impact. Disorganized labs not only look cluttered, but they also lead to errors and contamination. Consider the following lab accessories to streamline your workflow and increase productivity:

  • Pipette holders. Leaving pipettes strewn around the bench top is not only disorganized, but it can lead to contamination and safety issues. Pipette holders are critical to maintain lab organization. IBI Scientific offers several types of pipette holders to meet your unique needs. Our traditional bench top pipette holders are made from cast acrylic and provide skid-resistant feed to prevent the stand from sliding on bench surfaces. Pipette stands are available to fit three, four, or six pipettes (they work well with most major brands of pipettes). We also offer a special holder for multichannel pipettes. If you prefer to keep your bench tops clear, we also have mountable pipette holders. Simply attach the holder to a wall, cabinet, or fume hood with double-sided tape. These holders provide four places for pipettes as well as a place for a mechanical pipette filler (either on the right or left, depending on your preference).
  • Glove box holders. While it’s possible to simply set glove boxes in various positions around the lab, this adds clutter to the bench surfaces and makes it difficult for lab workers to find the gloves they need. Instead, maximize vertical space by investing in high-quality glove box holders. We offer glove box holders made from 1/4-inch cast acrylic, meaning they are built to last for years. By mounting the glove box holder to the wall, you can ensure gloves are readily available at all times. The glove box holders also offer skidproof rubber feet should you decide to place them on the bench top. Choose from models that accommodate one to three boxes.
  • Kimwipe holders. Kimwipes are laboratory workhorses for their ability to gently clean up liquids or dust. Our holders offer protection for your Kimwipes boxes. They can be placed on the bench top or mounted on your walls or cabinetry. Choose the holder based on your preferred size of Kimwipes boxes: small, medium, or large.
  • Lab mats. Skidding and sliding are common hazards when working with equipment that shakes, moves, or vibrates, particularly when glassware is involved. We offer a wide range of mats in various sizes. Using a skid-proof mat decreases the risk of broken glassware or spills.

Choosing Lab Accessories

At IBI Scientific, we believe that in investing in all aspects of your lab, from the largest equipment to the smallest accessories. Small design flaws in lab accessories slow workers down and make the work less efficient. Furthermore, going without necessary organizers and holders leads to disorganization and lab waste. As an ISI 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of lab science research products, IBI Scientific maintains the highest quality standards in the design and manufacture of lab products and accessories.

At IBI Scientific, we believe in providing the highest quality laboratory equipment, from big-ticket items to small accessories like pipet holders. To discuss your lab needs, contact one of our customer support specialists today. We can help you weigh pros and cons of different lab accessories and walk you through our easy ordering process. Contact us to get started.

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