Insta-PAGE Acrylamide 30% Solution 19:1

Model Number IB70001


30% Acrylamide/ bis-acrylamide solutions: IBI Scientific 30% acrylamide/ bis-acrylamide solutions can be purchased in 19:1, 29:1 and 37.5:1 configurations. These products are manufactured here at IBI Scientific using Type 1 reagent grade water produced from our state-of-the-art water purification system. Quality Control testing is also completed here at IBI Scientific as these solutions are certified as nuclease and protease free. 

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Key Details:

  • Premixed acrylamide/bis-acrylamide solution for pouring polyacrylamide gels used in sequencing and protein electrophoresis
  • IBI Scientific 30% Acrylamide/ bis-acrylamide solutions produce clear gels that result in clear and concise results
  • Available in 3 configurations: 19:1, 29:1, and 37.5:1
  • Available in 1 liter size
  • Manufactured regularly to maintain freshness and shelf life
  • Ready-to-use solution for preparing polyacrylamide gels for sequencing and protein electrophoresis
  • Ideal for use as a 4% stacking gel or a 10% resolving gel in SDS PAGE applications
  • These products are subject to hazardous shipping fees
  • CAS# 110-26-9 / 79-06-1

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