RNA Extraction


RNA extraction is an essential step for many downstream applications. IBI Scientific provides an extensive line of RNA extraction kits to ensure high-quality RNA isolation while maintaining an efficient workflow. When you use an IBI Scientific RNA extraction kit, you will have full confidence in the accuracy of your results.

RNA Extraction

RNA extraction is often a first step in a series of molecular techniques, meaning that it is critical for RNA sequencing to be highly accurate. The process begins with disruption of cell or tissue samples to access the RNA, extracting the RNA, quantitation of the end product, and storage of the RNA for downstream analysis. All RNA isolation kits will follow these basic steps, but they may be optimized for particular sample types or intended applications.

How to Choose an RNA ExtractionKit

IBI Scientific offers a wealth of kits for RNA sequencing and isolation. When choosing a product, it is critical to study the technical specifications carefully. What works for one laboratory setting or downstream application may not be appropriate for another. Consider these factors when choosing your RNA extraction kit:

  • Sample type. Determining what sample type from which you plan to isolation RNA will inform your selection of RNA extraction kit, as different kits are optimized for different sample types. Options might include cultured cells, biological fluids, whole blood, animal tissues, or plant tissues.
  • Downstream application. RNA extraction is a first step in a variety of downstream processes. These might include reverse transcription real-time PCR, array analysis, digital PCR, next-generation sequencing for transcriptome analysis, Northern analysis, or construction of a cDNA Each of these applications requires slightly different yields and quality levels to ensure success.
  • Check the technical specifications for a potential product to ensure it yields an appropriate amount of RNA for your subsequent molecular techniques.
  • The time from sample disruption to purified end product varies by sample type and RNA isolation kit. For example, our popular DNA/RNA/protein extraction kit yields purified RNA within 25 minutes. In some cases, there may be a tradeoff between yield and efficiency, so weigh your lab’s needs carefully before choosing a product.
  • Whether your lab needs to process a few samples or thousands, IBI Scientific offers RNA sequencing supplies to help you achieve your goals. When thinking about scalability, consider affordability, total operation time, and how user-intensive a particular protocol may be. Each of these factors affects the final RNA product. We offer kits with 300 or more preps, 96-well plates, and other high-throughput options for larger scale operations.
  • Personal preference. Part of the choice for RNA test kits comes down to personal preference. That is why we offer sample-size kits with just 4 preps, allowing you to test products at an affordable cost to ensure you choose the one that is best for your setting.
  • Reagent quality. When it comes to isolating nanograms of RNA from a sample, quality of reagents is of critical importance. IBI Scientific is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturer of life science research products including RNA sequencing and isolation kits. This demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality reagents.

Attention to Quality Sets IBI Scientific Apart

There are many options for RNA extraction kits on the market. The products at IBI Scientific stand apart for their unparalleled quality. Our research and development team conducts extensive tests to ensure the fidelity of the results our RNA kits yield. We constantly work to refine our products to balance quality, price, and efficiency.

When you choose an RNA extraction kitfrom IBI Scientific, you are choosing quality. Talk to our friendly customer service specialists today to receive personalized recommendations for RNA sequencing products to meet your laboratory needs.

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