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  • Provides the BEST RNA protection in tissue samples from 7 to 14 days at room temperature
  • Stable RIN values for samples frozen at -20C for years
  • RIN values >/= 7 in most tissues
  • No rtPCR inhibition
  • Reliable RNAseq data

Extracting RNA from fresh tissue samples is always preferred to frozen or FFPE tissue samples. However, maintaining RNA integrity from fresh tissue samples can be a challenge. 

Solutions such as RNALater® have enabled fresh tissue samples to be utilized for transcriptome profiling, but these solutions do not always provide sufficiently high quality RNA. 

IBI Scientific RNAstabil effectively penetrates the tissue sample to better stabilize the RNA and yield RIN (RNA Integrity Number) values > 7.

IBI Scientific RNAstabil consistently yields RNA when RIN values that are >/= 1 better than RNAlater® . More importantly, the RIN values when using RNAstabil are at or above the desired RIN value of 7, which ensures excellent RNAseq results. No more worries about having your RNA extraction rejected for RNAseq due to low RIN value. 

Using IBI Scientific RNAstabil is easy - just drop your tissue sample into a time 10 volume of the solution and the sample protection begins immediately. 

Model Numbers

IB47306 = 125 ml

IB47307 = 250 ml

IB47308 = 500 ml


IB47307 (250ml) comes in a 500 ml bottle. The bottle will not be full.

Shelf Life: 3 years at room temperate

Solution: Non-toxic, aqueous solution safe for transport and shipping

Tissue Types: Any soft tissue cut to 0.5mm maximum width

RNA Quality: RIN>= 7 for samples stored at room temperature (22C) for 7 days

                       RIN>= 6.5 for samples stored at 22C for up to 14 days

                       Stable RIN number when frozen at -20C for years

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