Ammonium Persulfate

Model Number IB70080


Ammonium persulfate is a potent oxidizer that promotes polymerization of acrylamide gels by scavenging dissolved oxygen in the polyacrylamide gel solution. This accelerates the acrylamide/bisacrylamide reaction. Ammonium persulfate is used to make polyacrylamide gels for protein electrophoresis and sequencing.

  • Physical Specifications
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • SDS

Physical Specifications:

Formula Weight:228.19
Molecular Formula:(NH4)S2O8
Purity Min:98.0%
Insolubles Max:0.005%
Residue on Ignition Max:0.05%
Titratable-Free Acid Max:0.04 meq/g
Chloride and Chlorate Max:0.001%
Heavy Metals (as Pb) Max:0.005%
Iron Max:0.001%
Manganese Max:0.00005%

IB70080 - Specification Sheet

SDS Link:

IB70080 - SDS

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