Specialty Blending / OEM


IBI Scientific is proud to announce that we have been expanding our business and facility capabilities to now include a Specialty Blending & OEM Department. Our new department gives us the following capabilities:

  • Special blending of buffers, diluents and media

  • Sterile liquids and Pure Water packaged to desired specifications

  • Aseptic filling of pure water and other blended liquids

  • Quality Control testing for sterility, nuclease free and endotoxin free

  • NEW state-of-the-art pure water production system

  • NEW state-of-the-art sterile suite (ISO 7) and anti-room (ISO 8) for aseptic filling

IBI Scientific is now capable of providing private labeled, custom blended chemicals that ensures your exact formulation specifications.

With the expansion of our facility, comes the expansion of our capabilities. Please contact us using the form below for your specialty blending needs.

IBI Scientific is an ISO certified U.S. manufacturer and international provider of life science research equipment and reagents. We envision a world where scientific discovery drives progress and elevates humanity. Our reliable products and customer-first service and here for your discovery journey.

Our Story

April 2022

Abigail Wood is hired at IBI Scientific to serve as our lead Chemist.

June 2022

The water system has arrived in Dubuque, Iowa and is waiting to be installed.

July 2022

The sterile suite ventilation and duct work is installed.

The sterile suites have been built inside of our lab room.

August 2022

The sprinkler system is installed.

The Quality Control Room is being cleaned out and prepped for the epoxy floor install.

The epoxy floors have been completed.

September 2022

Our lab ceiling have been installed and walls have been painted.

The water system has been moved into our lab.

Power companies have arrived to ensure our facility can keep up with new production demands.

Additional water pipes have been installed.

Patrick (President) and Abby (Chemist) started painted the Quality ControlLab.

October 2022

Coming Soon…

More updates will be shared until the lab is complete.

If you have any questions, or specialty blending requests, please reach out!

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