BETA Radiation Protection


Beta radiation is one of three types of radiation given off by radioactive materials. In the biological sciences, working with radioactive materials causes discharge of beta particles, which can potentially be harmful to human health. Learn about beta radiation shields and lab storage solutions to ensure the safety of the people working in your lab.

Working with Beta Radiation

Beta particles are tiny particles with a single charge, either positive or negative. However, these particles have a relatively large range compared to other types of radiation (such as alpha particles). Most lower energy beta particles do not penetrate the skin, but those with higher energy can penetrate the skin and cause radiation damage. This radiation hazard makes it imperative that you invest in protective equipment.

Materials such as strontium 90, caesium 137, carbon-14, sulfur-35, technetium-99, and tritium are typical beta emitters. When working with a known source of beta radiation in the lab, it is critical to take protective measures. This includes proper storage of radioactive materials, containment of lab waste, and shielding when working with the sensitive materials. All laboratory personnel should receive special training in the use of beta radiation protection equipment to ensure their health and safety.

Beta Radiation Protection Equipment

IBI Scientific carries a full range of beta radiation shields and lab waste containers. Many of these products are sold under our BETA-GARD line. Consider the following options when investing in radiation shields and lab storage:

  • BETA-GARD straight shields. BETA-GARD radiation shields are constructed from ½-inch cast acrylic. This heavy duty acrylic provides maximum safety against beta radiation. Our BETA-GARD straight radiation shields allow you to maintain an unobstructed view of your work area. This makes it easy to transfer samples or complete procedures. These movable shields can be used in several configurations to limit beta radiation exposure.
  • BETA-GARD angled radiation shields. Our angled beta radiation shields are also made from heavy duty ½-inch cast acrylic. The angled shield offers superior radiation protection while maintaining your sight lines. There is no distortion or opacity to limit your view of your work bench. Plus, these shields have an integrated base. This can serve as a work area to minimize spills on your bench top. Purchase BETA-GARD shields in small, medium, or large sizes to customize your work space for your needs.
  • Storage containers. Coming up with the best lab storage solutions for your space is just as important as investing in critical equipment for your experiments. When thinking about lab storage, be aware of the containers you will use to store all materials that may emit beta radiation.
  • Waste containers. Our BETA-GARD lab waste containers were specially designed to limit beta radiation exposure. They are appropriate for containment of radioactive waste or any other type of laboratory waste. Made of heavy duty ½-inch cast acrylic, BETA-GARD lab waste containers have hinged lids, making them easy to open and close. Importantly, they are compatible with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission-approved waste bags, meaning they meet high quality standards for appropriate radiation waste containment.

Choosing IBI Scientific for Radiation Shields and Lab Storage

IBI Scientific stands apart from its competitors due to its wide range of high-quality inventory, including the unparalleled BETA-GARD line of products for beta radiation protection. Importantly, IBI Scientific is a ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of life science research products. This means that we meet the highest industry standards for production of research equipment and lab products, including radiation shields and lab waste containers.

When paired with our excellent customer service, it becomes clear why so many life sciences research laboratories choose IBI Scientific. If you are wondering about our beta radiation protection products, contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer support specialists.

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