Select the Best Agarose for Your Research

Standard Molecular Biology Agarose—ideal for rapid separation of DNA and RNA fragments, as well as PCR products, plasmid preparations, detections, cloning and transfer techniques.

  • Easy dissolution and fast gelling
  • Excellent transparency and low background staining for clear visibility of bands
  • Sharp, well defined bands
  • Very low DNA fixation

Basic Molecular Biology Agarose—slightly less refined agarose that is ideal for routine electrophoresis procedures. An excellent low-cost agarose for resolving molecules greater than 1kb in size and more than 15% in size of each other.

  • Exceptional gel strength
  • Clear, concise bands
  • Does not adversely affect other downstream applications – gel extraction, sequencing, etc.

Low Melt Agarose (Molecular Biology Grade)—commonly used as a gel matrix when fragment recovery is desired after electrophoresis. The properties of low melt agarose promote quick and thorough digestion of gel slices during gel extraction allowing a maximum amount of DNA to be recovered from the gel. Ideal for when you have a limited amount of DNA.

  • Lower gel strength than Standard or Basic agarose
  • Higher clarity and gel transparency than standard agarose
  • Greater sieving capacity than standard agarose


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