DNA Extraction


IBI Scientific offers a full range of DNA extraction kits to maximize efficiency while maintaining purity and accuracy. When extracting genomic DNA from blood, it is important to carefully consider the specifications of test kits before choosing the right one for your laboratory.

DNA Extraction Kit to Purify DNA from Blood

Using DNA kits to extract genomic DNA from blood requires specific molecular biology reagents.After the cells are lysedand the proteins within the cells are degraded, DNA binds to a special plate. Special wash buffers remove contaminants, leaving only purified DNA behind. The genomic DNA is then eluted with a different buffer. While the general procedure is the same for all sample types (e.g., plasma, serum, fresh or frozen blood), a DNA extraction kit optimizes the cell lysis and wash protocols for a particular cell or tissue type.

How to Choose a DNA Extraction Kit

When it comes to DNA purification, there are many DNA kit options on the market. However, not all DNA kits are created equal. Furthermore, what works well for one setting may be completely wrong for another laboratory workflow. Consider the following factors when selecting a DNA extraction kit:

  • Quality of reagents. The reagents determine the quality of the results you will get from a DNA extraction kit. Read the technical specifications carefully to determine how cells are lysedand protein degraded. Use of a high-quality wash buffer is especially important to ensure the final purified genomic DNA is free of contaminants.
  • Suitability for genomic DNA. Not all test kits are designed to process genomic DNA. When choosing a kit, check to make sure it is optimized for use with genomic DNA. Should you require RNA purification, viral RNA or DNA extraction, or plasmid DNA, other products will be more suitable.
  • Always consider the target yield for a given kit. Preps that process large amounts of blood may yield up to 50 µg of purified DNA. If you require a larger throughput or have smaller samples, yields of 5 to 15 µg may be acceptable. Consider the downstream experiments you intend to perform to choose the appropriate yield.
  • We offer mini genomic DNA sample kits for low-throughput operations as well as kits with 300 or more preps, 96-well plates, and other high-throughput options. This allows you to remain flexible while ensuring scalability of your DNA extraction pipeline.
  • Operation time. When the success of your experiments depends on purifying DNA, you want to achieve the best possible results within a feasible timeline. For example, our 96-well Blood Genomic DNA kit offers a 45-minute completion time, ensuring that you can maintain an efficient workflow.

Compatibility of DNA Extract Kit with Downstream Experiments

It is critical to extract high-quality genomic DNA when working with blood samples. Indeed, the success of downstream experiments often depends on the quality and integrity of the purified DNA. Our DNA kits yield purified genomic DNA with excellent reproducibility. The DNA may be used for a variety of downstream applications, including DNA cloning, DNA electrophoresis, DNA sequencing, next-generation sequencing, or PCR.

Advantage of IBI Scientific DNA Kits

When you choose IBI Scientific products, you know you are getting the leading genomic DNA extraction kits in the industry. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturer of Life Science Research Products, meaning that our molecular biology reagents meet the highest quality control standards in the industry. When you use an IBI Scientific DNA extraction kit, you know you will achieve consistent results that yield purified DNA that is free of contaminants. Our knowledgeable customer service agents can help you identify the products that will optimize your workflow and yield the highest quality results.

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