Boric Acid

Model Number IB70096

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CAS# 10043-35-3

  • For use in Tris-Borate electrophoresis buffer systems

Boric acid is an ingredient in the Tris-Borate buffer systems used in high voltage electrophoresis.

Boric acid powder can be used to make a concentrated stock solution of Tris-Boric Acid-EDTA (TBE) buffer.

Physical Specifications
CAS#: 10043-35-3
Size: 2.5 Kg
Molecular Weight: 61.83
Molecular Formula: H3BO3
Purity: Min. 99.5%
Calcium: Max. 0.005%
Chloride: Max. 0.001%
Phosphate: Max. 0.001%
Sulfate: Max. 0.01%
Heavy Metals: Max. 0.001%

Molecular Biology Specifications
DNase Assay: None Detected
RNase Assay: None Detected
Protease Assay: None Detected

IB70096 - Specification Sheet

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