Ethanol (Anhydrous Alcohol)

Model Number IB15720

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CAS#: 64-17-5

  • 200 Proof Ethanol denatured with 5% methanol
  • Used for precipitating nucleic acids
  • This product cannot be shipped to a personal residence

Ethanol is widely used for precipitating nucleic acids. The nucleic precipitate, which is formed in the presence of moderate concentrations of monovalent cations, is recovered by centrifugation and redissolved in an appropriate buffer at the desired concentration.

200 Proof Ethanol is denatured with methyl alcohol.

Ethanol is also known as ethyl alcohol, alcohol anhydrous, denatured alcohol.

Specific Gravity:0.7964 Max.
Formula Weight:46.07
Molecular Formula:C2H5OH
Moisture (KF):1% Max.
Identification (IR):Pass

Molecular Biology Specifications
DNase assay:None Detected
RNase assay:None Detected

Specification Sheet

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