10X TBE Buffer

Model Number IB01020

  • Item Description
  • Physical Specifications
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • SDS
  • Electrophoresis buffer powder containing Tris, Boric Acid, and EDTA
  • Makes 1L of 10X TBE Buffer Solution

TBE (Tris / Boric Acid / EDTA) has a significantly greater buffering capacity than TAE and eliminates the need for recirculation in all but the most extended runs. This attribute makes TBE the buffer of choice for DNA sequencing and other extended electrophoresis applications.

The 10 X TBE Buffer Ready Pouch makes 1 L of 10 X TBE Buffer Solution. Add ddi water until a pH level of 8.1 to 8.5 has been reached.

pH (1 X Solution @ 25°C):8.1-8.5

IB01020 - Specification Sheet

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