X-AMP DNA Reagent

Model Number IB47440


IBI X-Amp DNA Reagent is designed for efficient release of DNA for direct use in PCR reactions without purification. A wide variety of samples are effectively homogenized in the reagent without any pre-treatment or subsequent bind, wash or elution steps.

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Additional Key Details:

  • Use on a variety of samples: blood, tissue, plant, bacteria, fungus, virus, etc.
  • 15 minute 2-step protocol
  • Use DNA directly in PCR reactions
  • DNA purification is not required

Sample Instructions:

Simply place the sample in the reagent, follow the 2-step protocol and transfer the lysate to a PCR mix, qPCR or multiplex PCR reaction. IBI X-Amp DNA Reagent is tested on a lot-to-lot basis according to IBI’s ISO-certified quality management system. DNA from a 1 mg tissue sample is lysed in X-Amp DNA Reagent. A 5 μl aliquot of lysate is added directly into a 50 μl PCR mix.

Physical Attributes:

Sample Type & Size X-AMP
Tissue (1mg) 50ul
Plant (5mg-25mg) 200ul
Blood (5ul-10ul) 100ul
Plasma (5ul-10ul) 100ul
Serum (5ul-10ul) 100ul
Saliva (10ul) 100ul
Bacteria Culture (1ul-5ul) 100ul
Operation Time: <15 minutes

The Illustration below shows the following:

  • Human blood samples were lysed in X-AMP DNA Reagent for 15 minutes at room temperature.
  • Plant and bacteria samples were lysed for 15 minutes at 80ºC.
  • 2 μl aliquots of lysate were added to 20 μl PCR mixtures.
  • Lane 1-2: partial human ACTB gene (250 bp) was amplified from 10 μl of human blood.
  • Lane 3-4: partial Actin-2 gene (750 bp) was amplified from 20 mg of Arabidopsis thaliana leaves.
  • Lane 5: partial 16S ribosomal gene (200 bp) was amplified from 2 μl of cultured Escherichia coli broth.
  • Lane 6: partial 16S ribosomal gene (200 bp) was amplified from 2 μl of cultured Bacillus subtilis broth.
X-AMP DNA Reagent

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