10X TAE Buffer

Model Number IB70160

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  • Electrophoresis buffer containing Tris, Acetate, and EDTA

TAE (Tris / Acetate / EDTA) buffer is commonly used in low voltage DNA electrophoresis applications. It’s relatively low buffering capacity will become exhausted in extended or current electrophoresis runs making buffer recirculation necessary in such runs. Potential advantages of TAE over TBE buffer include superior resolution of supercoiled DNA and slightly faster migration of double stranded DNA fragments.

10 X TAE Buffer Concentrate will produce 10 L of 1 X solution, but smaller quantities can be produced.

Solution Components:
- 0.4 M Tris-Acetate
- 0.01 M EDTA
pH (1 x solution @ 25°C):8.3 ± 0.1

Molecular Biology Specifications
Gel Analysis assay:Pass

IB70160 - Specification Sheet

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