Western Transfer System

Model Number IB94500

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  • Complete System w/cassette module, vented lid, buffer tank and power cords
  • Transfer two Mini gels simultaneously.
  • Accommodates 8x10cm or 10x10cm.

The IB94500 is a complete Western Transfer system including the dual gel cassette module with clamps (IB95000), buffer tank, vented lid and power cords.

Ideal for rapid transfer of protein or peptide samples or nucleic acids separated by mini polyacrylamide gels onto 8x10cm or 10x10cm membranes. Depending on the molecular weight and sequence of the protein/peptide, the transfer should take between 60 and 90 minutes.

The distance between the electrodes is 4.5cm. The transfer process is dependent upon the voltage applied, over the distance between the electrodes. By keeping the distance between the electrodes to a minimum, higher electric fields are produced, thus allowing a more efficient transfer.

Unit dimensions: 13.3cm(H) x 15.0cm(W) x 16.0cm(L)

Gel dimensions:10.0cm(W) x 10cm(L)
Buffer capacity:1200ml
Max volt:100v
Current limit:500ma

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