Vertical Sequencer

Model Number IB80000

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  • Gel Dimensions: 36.0 cm (wide) x 43.0 cm (long)
  • Maximum Sample Capacity: 96 samples (1 comb, 96 samples)
  • Buffer Capacity: 530 ml (Upper reservoir), 530 ml (Lower reservoir)
  • Maximum Voltage: 3000 V
  • Comes with: Upper and lower reservoir lids, inner glass plate outer glass plate, removable lower buffer tank, two 0.4 mm x 32 tooth combs, two 0.4 mm x 64 tooth combs, two 0.4 mm x 64 sharkstooth combs, 0.4 mm spacer set, four spacer tabs, and power cords

The STS-45i Sequencing System is designed with the user in mind. The patented slant-back feature prevents the glass plates from falling forward during setup. The white enamel thermoplate not only distributes heat evenly to prevent smiling or frowning, but is a perfect background to follow the dye’s progression. The patented easy-turn knobs provide even pressure to the glass plates and thermoplate ensuring sharp bands without distortion. Both lower and upper electrodes are made from corrosion-resistant platinum. The formed lower reservoir is removable for easy disposal of radioactive material. The STS-45i upper and lower reservoirs are equipped with interlocking safety covers to help protect the user.

Power to the STS-45i is supplied by an external DC voltage power supply. This power supply must be ground isolated in such a way that the DC voltage output floats with respect to ground. The power should have two no-load and ground fault safety features. The maximum specified operating parameters for this unit are: 3000 VDC maximum voltage limit, 70 W maximum power limit, and 50⁰C maximum ambient temperature limit.

The STS-45i is constructed of durable cast acrylic for years of faithful service.

Unit Dimensions:22 cm(H) x 49 cm(W) x 48 cm(L)

Gel Dimensions:36 cm(W) x 43 cm(H)

Max. Sample Capacity:96 samples

Buffer capacity:530 ml in each, upper and lower reservoir

Max Voltage:3000 V

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