Model Number IB07200

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  • CAS#  9005-64-5
  • 500ml Bottle of Tween 20 OR 1 liter bottle of TWEEN 20
  • A non-ionic detergent
  • DNase, RNase and Protease free


Tween 20 is a non-ionic detergent widely used in biochemical applications. It can be used as an emulsifying agent to prepare stable oil-in-water emulsions. TWEEN 20 can be used to remove peripheral protein from membranes. TWEEN 20 is commonly used as a blocking agent for membrane based immunoassays at a typical concentration of 0.05%.

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Physical Specifications:

Appearance ___________________________________ Yellowish liquid

Hydroxyl Value ________________________________ 96 -108

Saponification Value ____________________________ 40 - 50

Moisture _____________________________________ < 3.0%

Dioxane ______________________________________ < 10ppm

Acid Value ____________________________________ < 2.0

Gardner Color _________________________________ < 5.0

BSE/TSE Free _________________________________ Pass

Country of Origin _______________________________ U.S.A. 

TWEEN 20 is commonly used as a component of:

  • Blocking buffer in immunohistochemistry
  • Washing buffer and blocking buffer in Western Blotting
  • Washing buffer in ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay)
  • Reaction mixture in PCR  (Polymerase Chain Reaction)


TWEEN 20 is polyoxyethylene sorbitol ester that belongs to the polysorbate family. It is a non-ionic detergent used commonly in biochemical applications. 

TWEEN 20 can be stored at room temp in a cool dry area and the bottle should be sealed tightly when not in use. 

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