Tri-Isolate 96-Well Total RNA Pure Kit

Model Number IB47635


The IBI Scientific Isolate 96-well Total RNA Purification kit is based on a phenol and guanidine isothiocyanate solution coupled with a 96-well binding plate system for high throughput purification of high-quality Total RNA from a variety of samples. This system provides maximum Total RNA extraction from difficult samples high in polysaccharides and lipids. The binding plate and wash procedures ensure high purity of eluted RNA.

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How To Use:

To begin, samples are homogenized in IBI Scientific Isolate reagent without chloroform phase separation or isopropanol RNA precipitation. Following sample homogenization simply bind, wash and elute the high-quality Total RNA in RNase Free water and use in a variety of sensitive downstream applications. Process is completed in as little as 60 minutes.

Additional Key Details:

  • 2 x 96 well Isolate RNA kit, 4 x 96 well Isolate RNA kit or 10 x 96 well Isolate RNA kit.
  • Vacuum or Centrifuge format
  • Sample: Up to 2 x 10 6 cultured cells, 10 – 20 mg of animal tissue, up to 150 ul of body fluids, up to 1 x 10 9 bacteria cells, 10 – 20 mg of plant tissue.
  • Binding Plates, Collection Plates and Deep well plates included.
  • DNAse 1 reagent kit and Bacteria Lysis reagent kit (Lysozyme) sold separately.

IB47635 – 2 x 96-Well Total RNA Pure Kit

IB47636 - 4 x 96-Well Total RNA Pure Kit

IB47637 - 10 x 96-Well Total RNA Pure Kit

Applications: Tissue, Blood, Adherent cultured cells, Suspension cultured cells, Plant tissue, Bacteria and other body fluids such as buffy coat, serum and plasma

  • Sample: up to 2 x 106 cultured cells, 10-20mg of animal tissue, up to 150 μl of body fluids, up to 1 x 109 bacteria cells, 10-20 mg of plant tissue per well
  • Binding Capacity: 50 μg of RNA per well
  • Format: Isolate Reagent combined with RNA 96 Well Binding Plate
  • Operation Time: 60 minutes
  • Elution Volume: 60-80 μl (dead volume: 20-25 μl)
  • Kit Storage: dry at room temperature (15-25C)
  • Bacteria Lysis Kits:

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