Tri-Isolate 96-Well Total RNA Pure Kit

Model Number IB47635

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  • 2 x 96 well Isolate RNA kit, 4 x 96 well Isolate RNA kit or 10 x 96 well Isolate RNA kit.
  • Vacuum or Centrifuge format
  • Sample: Up to 2 x 10 6 cultured cells, 10 – 20 mg of animal tissue, up to 150 ul of body fluids, up to 1 x 10 9 bacteria cells, 10 – 20 mg of plant tissue.
  • Binding Plates, Collection Plates and Deep well plates included.
  • DNAse 1 reagent kit and Bacteria Lysis reagent kit (Lysozyme) sold separately.

The IBI Scientific Isolate 96-well Total RNA Purification kit is based on a phenol and guanidine isothiocyanate solution coupled with a 96-well binding plate system for high throughput purification of high-quality Total RNA from a variety of samples.

To begin, samples are homogenized in IBI Scientific Isolate reagent without chloroform phase separation or isopropanol RNA precipitation. Following sample homogenization simply bind, wash and elute the high-quality Total RNA in RNase Free water and use in a variety of sensitive downstream applications.

This system provides maximum Total RNA extraction from difficult samples high in polysaccharides and lipids. The binding plate and wash procedures ensure high purity of eluted RNA.

Process is completed in as little as 60 minutes.

IB47635 – 2 x 96-Well Total RNA Pure Kit

IB47636 - 4 x 96-Well Total RNA Pure Kit

IB47637 - 10 x 96-Well Total RNA Pure Kit

Applications: Tissue, Blood, Adherent cultured cells, Suspension cultured cells, Plant tissue, Bacteria and other body fluids such as buffy coat, serum and plasma

  • Sample: up to 2 x 106 cultured cells, 10-20mg of animal tissue, up to 150 μl of body fluids, up to 1 x 109 bacteria cells, 10-20 mg of plant tissue per well
  • Binding Capacity: 50 μg of RNA per well
  • Format: Isolate Reagent combined with RNA 96 Well Binding Plate
  • Operation Time: 60 minutes
  • Elution Volume: 60-80 μl (dead volume: 20-25 μl)
  • Kit Storage: dry at room temperature (15-25C)
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