The Belly Bath

Model Number BWBAA115S

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  • Water bath temperature range is 30⁰ C – 75⁰ C with a heat-up rate of ~3⁰ C/min
  • Stability of water at set point is ±0.2⁰ C
  • Orbit size is 1” with adjustable pitch control (0° – 8⁰)
  • Comes with: Belly Dancer 115 V with integrated temperature control, removable water bath with lid, flat power cord white silicone mat, and operation manual

The Belly Bath is a versatile laboratory instrument. The light-weight, fast-heating, shaking water bath can be placed on the Belly Dancer platform or run separately on the side of the unit. The microprocessor PID controller has a set point control pad and digital display of actual water temperature. The control panel on the Belly Dancer contains a dedicated, illuminated ON/OFF switch for the water bath. The water bath incorporates thermal run-away safety switch, which operates independently of the main temperature controller. The lid is 3/6” thick PET clear lid with an easy grip handle and thermometer port.

The Belly Bath combines a water bath with the gentle agitation of the Belly Dancer making it suitable for numerous Life Science applications. The Belly Bath or Belly Dancer water bath is also an ideal unit for multiple uses as the Belly Dancer can be used for other applications with the water bath removed.

This shaking water bath is ideal for heat activation of serums, restriction enzyme digests, lowry and other protein quantitative assays, and DNA sequencing applications using sequenase or Taq polymerases.

Applications for the water bath with gentle undulating motion include Nucleic Acid Hybridizations, Over-Night Lysis of Tissue Samples, Northern and Southern Filter Blot Hybridizations, High-Stringency Filter Washes (multiple filters at once), In-Situ Hybridizations and Washes, and Hot Staining Protocols and Recombinant DNA Technology.

To care for the Belly Bath, clean the unit with a standard stainless steel polish when spots or deposits appear. Periodic cleaning with a detergent soap and water with a thorough rinsing is also an adequate method of maintenance.

Base Footprint: 15” X 15”
Standard platform: 12” x 12”
Overall Height w/lid: 17”
Overall height w/o lid: 13”
Water bath chamber dimensions: 10.375” x 10.375” x 3.25” (depth)
Unit weight: 24 lbs
Shipping weight: 31 lbs
Max load on Belly Dancer platform: 20 lbs.
Orbit size: 1”
Platform pitch control: 0 – 8 degrees
Water bath temp range: 30°C – 75°C
Water bath heat-up rate: Approx. 3° C per/minute
Temp stability of water at set point: +/- 0.2° C.
Electrical: 115 V
Current draw: 5.8 amps

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