TE Buffer

Model Number IB72000

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  • pH - 8.0

Tris EDTA, commonly known as TE Buffer, is synonymous with storage and solubilization of DNA, cDNA, and RNA. Though primarily a pH buffer, it is also a protective agent for the purified nucleic acids due to the presence of the chelating agent EDTA, which inactivates the nucleases. A pH of 7.5 recommended for RNA and a pH of 8 is most commonly used for DNA. Based on historic data that the nucleases are less effective at pH higher than 7.5 however, steam sterilization and ultra-filtration (0.01 micron) can further eliminate possibilities of remnant nucleases. Our certified nuclease free buffers are prepared and tested for nuclease activity. Each buffer is prepared using double distilled water, that is free of all divalent ions that tend to activate any nucleases, and is terminally sterilized using autoclavable packaging.  Each bottle of TE buffer is steam sterilized that ensures heat inactivation and denaturation of all building blocks of life. The combination of ultra-filtration and terminal steam sterilization makes our product truly unique.  Furthermore, IBI Scientific is the only manufacturer to provide a certified nuclease free and endotoxin free TE buffer.  The endotoxin level in our TE is < 0.05eu/ml.

This scrutiny in manufacturing provides the assurance to each customer that their precious nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) are safe from any degradation.

IBI TE buffer is packaged in medical grade non-leaching polycarbonate bottles to ensure purity levels and sterility are maintained.

This TE Buffer is certified nuclease free and endotoxin free by way of LAL testing to < 0.05 EU/ml.

This TE buffer has a pH of 8.0 if your lab/process requires a different pH or an entirely different specialized buffer…Just ask us at

TE Buffer - Specification Sheet

DNase assay: None Detected
RNase assay: None Detected
Protease assay: None Detected
Endotoxin: <0.05eu/ml
pH @ 25°C: 8.0 (can be adjusted)
Sterile Filtration: 0.1 um


 Model Number Size
IB72000 125 ml
IB72001 12 x 125 ml
IB72002 500 ml
IB72003 6 x 500 ml
IB72004 1 Liter
IB72005 6 x 1 Liter
IB72006 10 Liters

Certificate of Analysis 

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