STS-45i Shark Tooth Comb, 0.4mm x 64 tooth; 96 tooth – 2/PK

Model Number IB80385

  • Item Description
  • Well Width: 3.0mm & 2.0mm
  • Sample Volume per mm Well Depth: 1.2ul & 0.8ul

The IB80385 contains one 0.4mm x 64 shark tooth comb and one 0.4mm x 96 shark tooth comb for use in the IB80000 STS-45i Sequencer..

The Shark Tooth comb is generally used when sequencing DNA. The comb is typically inserted between the glass plates UPSIDE down just after pouring of the gel to create a very flat surface at the top of the gel. Once the gel has polymerized, the comb is removed and placed back between the glass plates with the shark teeth pointed inward. Insert until the tip of the shark teeth just touch the gel surface. The DNA sample is now loaded BETWEEN the shark teeth with the comb left in place. This provides minimal separation between samples for easy reading but also prevents cross contamination.

Made in the USA

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