STS-45i 0.4mm Comb and Spacer Set

Model Number IB80444

  • Item Description
  • Contains 2ea 0.4mm side spacers
  • Contains 1ea 0.4mm bottom spacer
  • Contains 4 spacer tabs
  • 2ea. 0.4mm x 32 tooth combs
  • 2ea. 0.4mm x 64 tooth combs
  • 2ea. 0.4mm x 64 Shark Tooth combs

The IB80444 contains 0.4mm side spacers, 0.4mm bottom spacer, 4 spacer tabs and 3 different combs for the IB80000 STS-45i Sequencer.

The IB80444 spacers fit between the glass plates to form the 0.4mm spacing which will accommodate the 0.4mm combs that are also included.

Made in the USA

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