Replacement Tank Kit for Electrophoresis Gel Systems

Model Number IB52200

  • Item Description
  • Includes a bubble level, four adjustable feet, and a buffer port kit
  • Compatible with the MP-1015 Electrophoresis System (IB53000), the HR-2025 Electrophoresis System (IB56000), and the HR-2525 Electrophoresis System (B57000)

IBI’s IB52200 Replacement Tank Kit includes one bubble level, four black adjustable feet, two white (straight) buffer ports, and two white (L-shaped) buffer ports.

The Replacement Tank Kit is compatible with the following gel units:
• MP-1015 Multi-Purpose Horizontal Electrophoresis System (IB53000)
• HR-2025 High Resolution Horizontal Electrophoresis System (IB56000)
• HR-2525 High Resolution/High-Throughput Horizontal Electrophoresis System (IB57000)

Each electrophoresis system listed above comes with the components of the tank kit. Replacements can be purchased separately.

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