Replacement Power Cords

Model Number IB50500

  • Item Description
  • Replacement Power Cords for the following electrophoresis units by catalog number: IB50000, IB51000, IB53000, IB56000, IB57000, IB94000, IB94300, and IB94500.

The red & black (male-to-female) replacement power cords measure 48cm in length.

The Replacement Power Cords are compatible with:

  • QSH Lab-Pal Electrophoresis System (IB50000)
  • QS-710 Electrophoresis System (IB51000)
  • MP-1015 Electrophoresis System (IB53000)
  • HR-2025 Electrophoresis System (IB56000)
  • HR-2525 Electrophoresis System (IB57000)
  • Ma-Gel-In Mini Protein System (IB94000)
  • Ma-GEL-In Pre-Cast Only Protein System (IB94300)
  • Ma-GEL-In Western Transfer system (IB94500)

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