Replacement MIDI Plasmid Columns

Model Number IB47115

  • Item Description
  • Specifications
  • Protocol
  • For use with leftover reagents from IBI Plasmid Kits or competitive products
  • Sample Size: 50ml High-copy plasmid/100ml Low-copy plasmid
  • Elution Volume: 8ml
  • Binding Capacity: Up to 500µg

The Replacement Midi Plasmid Columns and Collection Tubes are for use with leftover reagents from IBI Midi Plasmid Kits including the following item numbers: IB47110, IB47111, IB47112, IB47113, IB47180, and IB47181.

The columns and collection tubes can also be used with comparable, competitive Midi Plasmid Kit reagents that utilize a bind, wash, and elute method. However, you must observe the sample size, binding capacity, and elution volume for the replacement column stated in the specifications.

Sample Size: 50ml for High Copy and 100ml for Low Copy
Format: Gravity flow column
Yield: Up to 250ug.
Elution volume: 8ml
Operation time: 120 minutes
Purified plasmid DNA is ready for use in ligation, PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, and sequencing reactions.

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