Replacement HR-2025 Electrode Assembly

Model Number IB56305

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  • Includes a platinum wire (electrode), an electrode support, and an electrode shield
  • Compatible with the HR-2025 Electrophoresis System (IB56000)

IBI’s IB56305 Replacement HR-2025 Electrode Assembly includes the platinum wire (electrode), black electrode support, and electrode shield (tubing). The electrode assembly connects to the gold tank connector post, which mates up with the electrical connector in the gel box lid, to allow the flow of electrical current throughout the gel system—all of which is necessary to run an agarose gel. Each gel box contains two electrode assemblies, one on each end of the gel box.

The Replacement HR-2025 Electrode Assembly is for use with the HR-2025 High Resolution Horizontal Electrophoresis System (IB56000). Each HR-2025 Electrophoresis System comes with two electrode assemblies already in place and ready for immediate use of the unit.

One replacement electrode assembly will only accommodate one side of the gel box.

Made in the USA.

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