Replacement Elbows for Electrophoresis Gel Systems

Model Number IB50501

  • Item Description
  • Two L-shaped buffer ports
  • Compatible with the MP-1015 Electrophoresis System (IB53000), the HR-2025 Electrophoresis System (IB56000), and the HR-2525 Electrophoresis System (B57000)

IBI’s IB50501 Replacement Elbows include two L-shaped buffer ports used to recirculate the buffer in an electrophoresis gel system. Buffer recirculation can aid in maintaining quality sample resolution as it helps decrease the heat generated from gels being run at higher voltages.

The Replacement Elbows are compatible with the following gel units:
• MP-1015 Multi-Purpose Horizontal Electrophoresis System (IB53000)
• HR-2025 High Resolution Horizontal Electrophoresis System (IB56000)
• HR-2525 High Resolution/High-Throughput Horizontal Electrophoresis System (IB57000)

These replacement elbows are not included with the purchase of an IBI electrophoresis unit. Rather, they can be purchased as a replacement part.

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