Quick Blue Protein Stain

Model Number IB01034


IBI Scientific Quick Blue Protein Stain is a comprehensive, rapid 1 step coomassie blue type stain.

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  • Rapid: 15 minute, non-toxic, safe, 1-step stain. No organic solvents! No phosphoric acid!
  • Sensitive: 50 times more sensitive than other rapid stains. Lower limit is 5 ng protein standard. 
  • Linear Range: Very low background enabling accurate quantitation of proteins. 
  • High Resolution: Sharp protein bands that you would expect with traditional Coomassie stain. 
  • Durable: Re-usable up to 3 times! This stain is also MS compatible. 
  • Shelf Life: 1 year at room temperature. No precipitate forms over time, so no shaking is required.

Size: 1 Liter


1 Liter
pH @ 25ºC: 
Abs. @ 465nm: 

Specification Sheet

  • Sufficient for 40 gels if used once.

IBI Scientific Quick Blue Stain will stain the PVDF membrane however it will also interact with the protein bands which may or may not cause problems with your antibody detection method during Western Blotting procedure.

Simple 1-Step Protocol:

  • Remove gel from cassette and place into container. 
  • Cover gel with 25 ml of Quick Blue Stain and leave for 15 minutes, or until all weak protein bands are fully developed. 
  • Store the gel in the Quick Blue Stain overnight. Then either leave in Quick Blue Stain, or transfer to DI water for extended storage.

Store at room temperature. Protected from moisture. Keep tightly sealed. Light Sensitive.

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