PCR Water

Model Number IB42301

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  • Sterile filled in 2ml vials (screw cap)
  • Packaged in 20, 50 & 100 packs
  • Nuclease FREE water determined by fluorometric analysis
  • Endotoxin FREE water determined by kinetic chromogenic LAL method as specified in USP <85> or EP <2.6.14>.  Detection to 0.005 EU/ml

IBI Scientific PCR Water is ideal for use in all PCR reactions such qPCR, RT-PCR, and RT-qPCR and conveniently packaged in 2ml vials that fit perfectly into your reaction set up work flow. Small vials also reduce waste in the case of accidental contamination.

IBI Scientific PCR water is developed using the latest in water purification technology including reverse osmosis, EDI, UV Light and ultra-filtration all built into one large system. The EDI module contains special resins to deionize the water and achieve 18 meg-ohm of resistivity. The water then passes through a 0.2 micron filter before being exposed to a specially tuned UV light frequency that will oxidize all organic material. After UV oxidation the water passes through an ultra-filtration membrane which removes all oxidized organics and renders the bacterial endotoxin levels in the water to less than 0.005 EU/ml. Ultrafiltration also produces Nuclease Free Water, meaning No DNase, RNase or Protease.

Water samples from this system are regularly tested and validated by 2 independent laboratories testing for nuclease activity and bacterial endotoxin load. IBI internal quality control methods are tested and validated against the results of the independent laboratories using same samples.

The document below serves as a specification sheet and certificate of analysis for all PCR Grade water products

PCR Grade Water - Analysis Sheet

Specifications For PCR Water
Grade PCR Grade Water
Cations & Anions Free: Yes
Mycoplasma Free: Yes
Sterility Assurance By: 0.1 µm pore filter
Resistivity: 18.2 mOhms
Endotoxin (LAL): ≤ 0.1 EU/ml
Electrophoresis: Yes
PCR: Yes
MEA Approved: N/A
RNAse: None Detected
DNAse: None Detected
Nickase: None Detected
Protease: None Detected
Phosphatase: None Detected
Mycoplasma: None Detected
Iron (Fe): Not Tested
Sterility Assured: 0.1 µm sterile-filtered and 2 X autoclaved
Available Bottle Sizes: 20 X 1.8 ml Vials 50 X 1.8 ml Vials 100 X 1.8 ml Vials

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