PCR Water

Model Number IB42301

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  • Bottled in 2 ml vials
  • 0.1 µm sterile-filtered into certified-clean polypropylene vials
  • Steam-sterilized (autoclaved)
  • 18.2 Megohm deionized
  • Available in cases of 20, 50, or 100 vials
  • Applications: PCR, RT-PCR, restriction enzyme assays, modifying enzyme assays, transfection, cloning, transformation, and all general molecular biology lab procedures

IBI PCR Water is ideal for all applications in a lab including PCR, RT-PCR, restriction enzyme assays, modifying enzyme assays, transfection, cloning, transformation and all general molecular biology lab procedures. IBI PCR Grade Water is designed specifically for PCR work due to its small volume packaging. The 2 ml vial provides convenient use at the lab bench when preparing PCR reactions. It also helps prevent cross contamination or contamination of larger containers of water.

IBI PCR Water is manufactured under stringent conditions. The purification process for this 18.2 megohm product includes continuous deionization, reverse osmosis, UV-treatment, 0.1 µm filtration, followed by steam sterilization in final packaging.

Our unique water purification process involves sterile-filtration through a 0.1 µm filter- the smallest filter (pore) size available- thus, removing all bacteria, viruses, and pyrogens. Sterility is further maintained by sterile-filtering directly into an aseptic polypropylene vial. The polypropylene vial is autoclaved in its final packaging to ensure sterilization.

Sterility of water is measured by the Sterility Assurance Level (SAL). IBI PCR Grade Water maintains the highest level of sterility with a SAL=10-6. Thus, the chance of a living organism being contained in the water is one in a million. In order to maintain sterility, only open this product in a sterile environment, i.e. clean room, tissue culture fume hood, etc.

After manufacturing we test our water for up to three days. Each lot is individually assayed to ensure that it meets the stated specifications prior to being released from quality control.

Need special packaging for your water? Specific package volumes or single lot tracking? Just email us atinfo@ibisci.comand we would be happy to assist you in developing the product that best fits your application.

The document below serves as a specification sheet and certificate of analysis for all PCR Grade water products

PCR Grade Water - Analysis Sheet

Specifications For PCR Water
Grade PCR Grade Water
Cations & Anions Free: Yes
Mycoplasma Free: Yes
Sterility Assurance By: 0.1 µm pore filter
Resistivity: 18.2 mOhms
Endotoxin (LAL): ≤ 0.1 EU/ml
Electrophoresis: Yes
PCR: Yes
MEA Approved: N/A
RNAse: None Detected
DNAse: None Detected
Nickase: None Detected
Protease: None Detected
Phosphatase: None Detected
Mycoplasma: None Detected
Iron (Fe): Not Tested
Sterility Assured: 0.1 µm sterile-filtered and 2 X autoclaved
Available Bottle Sizes: 20 X 1.8 ml Vials 50 X 1.8 ml Vials 100 X 1.8 ml Vials

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