MP-1015 Next Generation UVT Casting Tray – 5 Lanes

Model Number IB53021

  • Item Description
  • For casting a 10cm (wide) x 15cm (long) agarose gel, divided intofive isolated gel lanes to prevent cross-contamination of samples used for Next Generation Sequencing
  • Mates with the MP-1015 Casting Fixture (IB53030) to create a seamless casting system
  • Specialized 1.5mm thick combs are available to accommodate one sample and one marker per lane (IB53100)
  • Compatible with the MP-1015 Multi-Purpose Horizontal Electrophoresis System (IB53000)

IBI’s IB53021 MP-1015 Next Generation UV Transmittant (UVT) Casting Tray includes five lanes, separated by cast acrylic, to prevent cross-contamination for Next Generation Sequencing libraries.

The MP-1015 Next Generation UVT Casting Trays are compatible with the MP-1015 Casting Fixture (IB53030) that comes with the MP-1015 Electrophoresis System (IB53000.) Special 1.5mm thick combs (IB53100) are available. Each accommodates one sample and one marker per lane.

The MP-1015 UV Transmittant Casting Tray (IB53021) is constructed of 3/16-inch thick, clear UVT cast acrylic to allow for the passage of UV light. This casting tray is specially designed to support 5 isolated lanes--each divided by a 3/16-inch piece of acrylic—to prevent cross-contamination of samples. The associated MP-1015 N.G.T. Combs (IB53100) are manufactured from Delrin and come in a configuration such as 1.5mm thickness with 5 tooth sets, each accommodating one marker and one sample.

The MP-1015 Next Generation UVT Casting Tray—5 Lanes (IB53021) is sold separately from the MP-1015 Electrophoresis System (IB53000.)

Made in the USA.

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