Mini Total RNA Kit (Plants)

Model Number IB47340

  • Item Description
  • Specifications
  • Protocol
  • Total RNA Replacement Columns and Collection Tubes
  • Replacement Buffers
  • Sample Size: up to 100mg fresh plant tissue or up to 25mg dry plant tissue
  • Operation Time: 30min or less
  • Expected Yield: 5 – 30µg RNA from young leaf samples

The Total RNA Mini Kit for Plants provides an efficient method for purifying total RNA from plant tissue and cells. Samples are ground in liquid nitrogen and then filtered to remove cell debris. In the presence of a binding buffer and chaotropic salt, total RNA in the lysate binds to the glass fiber matrix of the spin column. Optional DNase treatments can be followed to remove unwanted DNA residue. Once any contaminants have been removed using the Wash Buffer (containing ethanol), the purified total RNA is eluted by RNase-free water. The procedure does not require phenol extraction or alcohol precipitation and can be completed within one hour. The purified total RNA is ready for use in RT, RT-PCR, Real-time PCR, and northern blotting.

The quality of the Total RNA Mini Kit for Plants is tested on a lot-to-lot basis by isolating total RNA from a 25 mg young leaf sample. The purified RNA is quantified with a spectrophotometer and checked by electrophoresis.


Specifications Mini Total RNA Kit (Plants)
Format: Spin Column
Binding Capacity: 50 µg
Sample Concentration: 100 mg of fresh plant tissue 25 mg of dry plant tissue
Sample Type: Plant tissue
Filter Column: Yes
Typical Yield: 5-30 µg
Elution Volume: 50 µl
Operation Time: <20 mins.

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