Mini Genomic DNA Kit (Blood & Cultured Cells)

Model Number IB47200

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  • Sample Size: up to 300µl fresh whole blood/up to 107animal cultured cells
  • Expectant Yield: up to 50µg DNA
  • Operation Time: 40min or less
  • Binding Capacity: 10µg per well
  • Elution Volume: 50 – 200µl

The Genomic DNA Mini Kits for Blood and Cultured Cells provide fast and economical method for the purification of total DNA (including genomic, mitochondrial, and viral DNA) from fresh whole blood, plasma, serum, buffy coat, other bodily fluids, lymphocytes bacteria, and cultured cells. The method uses a chaotropic salt to lyse cells and degrade proteins. The DNA in the chaotropic salt is bound by the glass fiber matrix of the spin column. After removal of contaminants, the purified DNA is eluted by a low salt elution buffer or water. The entire procedure can be completed in 40 minutes without the use of phenol extraction or alcohol precipitation.

The quality of the Genomic DNA Mini Kits for Blood and Cultured Cells is tested on a lot-to-lot basis by isolating genomic DNA from 200 µl of whole human blood. The purified DNA (4-6 µg with an A260/A280 ratio of 1.6 – 1.8) is quantified with a spectrophotometer and checked by electrophoresis.


Specifications Mini DNA Kit (Blood and Cultured Cells)
Format: Spin Column
Binding Capacity: 50 µg
Sample Concentration: 300 µl blood 200 µl buffy coat 1x107animal cultured cells 2x108yeast/fungus
Sample Type: tissue, rodent tails, ear punches, fresh or frozen blood, serum, plasma, buffy coat, body fluids, cultured cells, amniotic uid, FFPE, hair, insects, sperm
Typical Yield: 4-6 µg from 200 µl blood
Elution Volume: 30-200 µl
Operation Time: <25 minutes

Which protocol should I use to extract DNA from yeast?Use the Fungus protocol found in the protocol folder.

Which competitor’s kit is similar?QUIGAN’s DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit is similar to IBI’s Genomic DNA Kit (Blood and Cultured Cell).

What size molecule can this column based kit efficiently extract and yield?This kit can efficiently extract and yield molecules between the sizes of 15kb to 30kb of a DNA molecule.

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