MEGA Flex Tube Kit with Dialysis Float, 20ml, 3.5KDa MWCO

Model Number IB48342

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  • MWCO: 3.5KDa
  • FlexTube Volume: 20ml
  • Dialysis Volume: 3-20ml
  • Comes with (2) MEGA FlexTubes and (1)Dialysis Float(1-place)

IBI MEGA FlexTubes are typically used for dialysis or buffer exchange. The design of the FlexTube allows for easy loading and unloading with a standard pipette tip and screw-cap top. MEGA FlexTubes can also be used for applications such as preparation of protein samples for MALDI-MS, sample concentration, tissue culture extraction and purification, removal of salts, surfactants, solvents, and detergents, as well as peptide dialysis and virus-particle purification.

The FlexTube membrane is constructed of regenerated cellulose and is 18 - 42µm thick. The membrane dimensions for the MEGA FlexTube is 2.2 x 4.2cm.

MEGA FlexTubes are available with three different tube volumes: 10ml, 15ml, or 20ml. The dialysis volume is 3-20ml. IBI MEGA FlexTubes are offered with the following Molecular Weight Cut-Offs (MWCO): 1KDa, 3.5KDa, 6-8KDa, or 12-14KDa.

When used for dialysis or buffer exchange, the MEGA FlexTubes can be used with DNA, RNA, proteins, and Oligonucleotides (>15nt) for volumes of 3-20mL. Simply load the sample into the tube with a standard pipette, load into the FlexTube float, and place in a stirred beaker of desired buffer.

The FlexTube is a single-use product.

Molecular Weight Cut-Off (MWCO):3.5KDa
FlexTube Volume:20ml
Dialysis Volume:3-20ml
Membrane:Ultra-clean, sulfur- and heavy metal-free. EDTA-treated.

FlexTube Membrane Solvent Compatibility Table

Why do my FlexTubes have water in them and in the bag they came in?Some FlexTubes are shipped with water inside of the tube to protect the membrane. Some water might leak through the membrane and water is added to the bag as well.

Can the Mega Flex tube be used for electro-elution?No, the Mega flex tube is for dialysis procedures only, for volumes up to 20 ml.

What Molecular Weight Cut Offs do I need?Anything below the listed MWCO can travel through the membrane. To calculate the MW of a nucleic acid: 330 Da  MW of 1 base 660 Da  MW of 1 base pair

Can I concentrate my sample in the FlexTube by centrifugation?No, if the FlexTube is centrifuged, the fluid will leak out of the membrane.

Can I perform sample concentration with the Mega Flex tube?No, it is not advised to use the Mega flex tube for protein sample concentration due to the large volume of liquid that remains in the tube after dialysis. It will take a very long time to evaporate that liquid to gain access to the concentrated protein.

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