MaGELin Replacement Tank Connector Kit

Model Number IB92072

  • Item Description
  • Contains two gold, threaded connectors
  • Contains red and black cap nuts
  • Contains four neoprene washers
  • Compatible with the following MaGELin units: IB94000 Cast-Your-Own Protein System, IB94300 Pre-Cast Protein System, and IB94500 Western Transfer System

The IB92072 is a replacement tank connector kit consisting of two gold coated, threaded connectors, a red cap nut, a black cap nut and four neoprene washers.

Connectors thread into the gel capture device of the Ma-GEL-In Mini protein system and allow the lid and power supply cords to connect to the gel capture device during an electrophoresis run. The red and black cap nuts and neoprene washers secure the platinum wire to the back side of the gold connectors.

Made in the USA

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