MaGELin 2-place Gel Casting Fixture

Model Number IB94100

  • Item Description
  • Cast two 10cm x 10cm polyacrylamide gels simultaneously
  • Stand contains two gaskets for sealing bottom of gel sandwich
  • Open top allows for comb and easy casting

The IB94100 is a 2-place gel casting fixture designed to accommodate the glass plates and spacers for the IB94000 Ma-GEL-In protein system. Used to cast polyacrylamide gels for protein electrophoresis.

The IB94100 is included with the purchase of a New IB94000 Ma-GEL-In protein system.

Casting fixture consists of a vertical stand containing sealing gaskets at the bottom and a detachable lid that contains an opening for accessing the glass pates to allow for loading of the liquid acrylamide into the gel sandwich. Opening also allows for the fixing of the comb in to the gel sandwich.

Unit is constructed of cast acrylic for years of dependable service.

Made in the USA

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