MaGELin 0.8mm Spacer Set – 2/PK

Model Number IB92025

  • Item Description
  • Used for making the IB94000 10cm x 10cm gel sandwich
  • Injection molded and made of soft rubber to seal sides of gel sandwich.
  • Two sets of this item are included in the purchase of the IB94000

The IB92025 contains two each of the 0.8mm spacers for the IB94000 10cm x 10cm glass plates.

These spacers set the 0.8mm gel thickness and also hold the straight glass and notched glass plates together during the pouring of the polyacrylamide gel.
Two sets (4) of these 0.8mm spacers are included with the purchase of a New IB94000 Ma-GEL-In Mini protein system

The spacers are injection molded and made of soft rubber to seal the sides of the gel sandwich.

Made in the USA

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