JVD-80 Support Rods, 42cm – 2/PK

Model Number SR-42

  • Item Description
  • 1-inch diameter clear support rods, set of two
  • Accommodates a 42cm long x 18cm wide polyacrylamide gel

IBI’s SR-42 Support Rods (42cm) are used hold the upper buffer reservoir and help stabilize the glass plates of the JVD-80 Dual-Slab Vertical Electrophoresis System. These clear support rods are 1-inch in diameter and 42cm in length to accommodate a 42cm long x 18cm wide polyacrylamide gel. The SR-42 is sold as a set of two rods.

The SR-42 Support Rods (42cm) are not included with the purchase of a new JVD-80 Dual-Slab Vertical Electrophoresis System but can be purchased separately as an accessory item.

Made in the USA.

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