JVD-80 Spacer Set, 0.4mm Thick – 16cm Long Gels

Model Number SP-0416


The SP-0416 Spacer Set is designed for pouring 16cm long polyacrylamide gels of 0.4mm thickness. This spacer set contains three white, polystyrene spacers (2 side spacers and 1 bottom spacer) and two rubber spacer tabs, all for use in creating the gel sandwich between the glass plates of the JVD-80 Dual-Slab Vertical Electrophoresis System.

  • Item Description

Additional Item Description:

All three polystyrene spacers are of 0.4mm thickness and must be used in conjunction with a 0.4mm thick comb.

The two rubber spacer tabs included are to be attached at the top of the side spacers. These spacer tabs will create a flush surface for clamping the two glass plates together, considering the outside glass plate is longer than the inside (notched) glass plate.

The SP-0416 Spacer Set is not included with the purchase of a new JVD-80 Dual-Slab Vertical Electrophoresis System but can be purchased separately as an accessory item.

Key Details:

  • Used between the 16cm long glass plates of the JVD-80
  • Must be matched with a 0.4mm thick comb
  • Includes two side spacers, one bottom spacer, and two spacer tabs

  • Made in the USA.

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