I-Blue Mini Plasmid Kit

Model Number IB47170


Efficient and Reliable Plasmid Kits for DNA Isolation:

The I-Blue Mini Plasmid Kit represents a cutting-edge solution tailored for the swift and efficient isolation of plasmid DNA from 1-7 ml of cultured bacterial cells. Engineered with a focus on speed and reliability, this kit streamlines the workflow, allowing researchers to obtain high-quality DNA in a matter of minutes. Optimize your lab's efficiency with one of the best plasmid kits available.

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Additional Item Description:

Central to its effectiveness is the innovative I-Blue Lysis Buffer, an integral component that includes an optional color indicator. This feature serves a dual purpose: first, it acts as a visual aid to minimize common handling errors during the critical steps of cell lysis and neutralization. Second, it enhances the efficiency of the lysis process itself, ensuring thorough disruption of bacterial cells to release plasmid DNA while maintaining the integrity and purity of the extracted genetic material.

The kit’s design not only prioritizes ease of use but also emphasizes safety and reproducibility in laboratory settings. By incorporating advanced technology and meticulous quality control measures, it provides researchers with confidence in achieving consistent results with minimal variability.

Furthermore, the I-Blue Mini Plasmid Kit is ideally suited for laboratories requiring frequent and reliable plasmid DNA preparations on a small scale. Its rapid operation time, typically completed in 20 minutes or less, makes it a valuable tool for optimizing productivity without compromising on the quality of genetic material obtained.

For laboratories seeking to enhance their molecular biology workflows with a dependable solution for plasmid DNA isolation, the I-Blue Mini Plasmid Kit stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in genetic research.

Specifications Chart:

Specifications I-Blue Mini Plasmid Kit
Format: Spin Column
Binding Capacity: 50 µg
Culture Input: 1-7 ml
Culture Type: Cultured bacterial cells
Plasmid Size: 1-15 kb
Typical Yield: up to 50 µg
Elution Volume: 30-100 µl
Operation Time: <15 minutes

Additional Technical Information:

A modified alkaline lysis method and RNase treatment are used to obtain clear cell lysate with minimal genomic DNA and RNA contaminants. DNA phenol extraction or alcohol precipitation is not required and the entire procedure can be completed in 20 minutes. The purified plasmid DNA is ready-for-use in restriction enzyme digestion, ligation PCR, and sequencing reactions.

Quality Control

The quality of the I-Blue Mini Plasmid Kit is tested on a lot-to-lot basis by isolating plasmid DNA from a 4ml overnightE. coli(DH5α) culture, containing plasmid pBluescript (A600>2U/ml). Following the purification process, a yield of more than 30µg is expected and the ratio of A260/A280 is between 1.8-2.0. The purified plasmid DNA (1µg) is used in EcoRI digestion and checked by electrophoresis.


What competitor’s kit is comparable? 

QIAGEN QIAprep Spin Miniprep Kit OR QIAGEN QuickLyse Miniprep Kit

Can QIAGEN reagents be used with IBI columns? 

Yes, anything that is “lysis-based” will work.

Is the use of ampicillin or other antibiotics during the cultivation of the E.coli necessary to achieve proper yield with the I-Blue mini plasmid kit? 

Yes, in order to achieve good yield, the E.coli must be stressed with an antibiotic.

How would I increase my yields for this kit?

1. Increase your Lysis time

2. Pre-heat the Elution Buffer

3. Perform the Elution step twice

4. With a large/concentrated sample, end-user can add extra PD1,2,3 buffers

5. See Trouble shooting guide in protocol.

What’s the maximum amount of sample for the I-Blue Mini Plasmid column/tube? 

The maximum amount of sample is going to be between 1 - 7 ml.

What is the primary make-up of the Elution buffer? 

The primary component of the Elution buffer is Tris-HCl pH 8.5.This buffer does not contain EDTA. Pure Water or TE buffer can also be used.

What’s the purpose of the W1 Buffer vs. the Wash Buffer? 

W1 contains chaotropic salt and ethanol. The chaotropic salt can inhibit and remove the enzyme activity, such as Taq polymerase and endonuclease. Wash Buffer contains low concentrations of salt and will remove salts and proteins from the final sample.

What’s the difference between the Hi-Speed Mini Plasmid Kit and the I-Blue Mini Plasmid Kits? 

The differences are 2 X volume of RNAse A and I-Blue Lysis Buffer in the I-Blue Mini. The larger volume of RNAse A increases the yield for larger sample volumes. Hi Speed Mini allows for 1-5 ml and the I-Blue Mini allows for 1-7 ml which will yield more plasmid DNA. All the other buffers are the same.

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