Guanidine HCl

Model Number IB05080

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CAS# 50-01-1

  • Ionic detergent that denatures most proteins and used to isolate RNA

Guanidine HCl is an ionic detergent that rapidly and effectively denatures most proteins. It is also used in the isolation of RNA.

Formula Weight:95.53
Molecular Formula:CH5N3HCl
Purity:Min. 99.0%
A260 (6 M, water):Max. 0.03
A230 (6 M, water):Max. 0.15
Iron:Max. 0.0005%
Lead:Max. 0.0005%

Molecular Biology Specifications
DNase assay:None Detected
RNase assay:None Detected
Protease assay:None Detected

Guanidine Specification Sheet

SDS Link:

IB05080 - SDS

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