gSwab Mini Genomic DNA Kit

Model Number IB47275

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  • Ideal for buccal swabs and saliva samples
  • Pure DNA in 20 minutes
  • Up to 2ug of DNA from each swab

The IBI gSwab Mini Genomic DNA kit is ideal for epigenetics applications such as isolating genomic, mitochondrial and viral DNA from buccal swabs and saliva samples. Proteinase K and chaotropic salt are used to lyse cells and degrade protein, allowing DNA to bind to the glass fiber matrix of the spin column. Carrier RNA is included with the kit to improve the efficiency of DNA binding to the spin column membrane.

High quality genomic DNA can be purified in 20 minutes without phenol/chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation, with an average DNA yield of 2 µg per/buccal swab.

Saliva sample size: 1 -100 µl.


Specifications gSwab Mini DNA Kit
Format: Spin Column
Binding Capacity: 50 µg
Sample Concentration: Buccal cell swabs
Filter Column: Yes
Enzyme: Proteinase K
Typical Yield: 2 µg per swab
Elution Volume: 50-100 µl
Operation Time: <20 minutes

Can this kit be used for saliva samples?Yes, if the kit includes the RNA Carrier component. Refer to the protocol in the gSWAB protocol folder.

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