Gel Staining Dark Box

Model Number SB-10



Product Description:

The IBI Gel Staining Dark Box is designed specifically for Western Blot applications involving light-sensitive stains. This essential tool ensures optimal staining of gels or membranes by providing a completely dark environment, preventing exposure to light that could affect your results. The box is constructed from 1/4" thick black cast acrylic, which offers exceptional durability and long-term reliability in the lab.

The Gel Staining Dark Box features a fitted lid with a convenient handle for easy handling and secure closure. Its robust construction and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice for any Western Blot staining process, helping to maintain the integrity of your light-sensitive stains and ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

  • Specifications

Physical Specifications:

Dimensions: 5.63" W x 4.50" D x 5.0" H

Material: 1/4" thick dark cast acrylic

Product comes with fitted lid with handle for easy grasping.

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