Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA), Disodium Salt

Model Number IB70180

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CAS# 6381-92-6

  • For use in biological and electrophoresis buffer systems
  • A chelator of divalent cations
  • For Research Use ONLY – NOT for Human Consumption

EDTA is commonly used in biological and electrophoresis buffer systems as a chelator of divalent cations. Some proteolytic enzymes and nucleasesrequire divalent cations for activity. The addition of EDTA reduces the chance of sample degradation.

EDTA Disodium salt can be used to make a concentrated stock of buffer solutions.

IBI offers this product in powder form in 100g and 500g sizes.

This product is for Research Use ONLY and NOT for Human consumption.

Formula Weight:372.24
Molecular Formula:C10H14N2O8Na2x 2H2O
Purity:Min. 99.0%
Insolubles:Max. 0.005%
Heavy Metals:<0.005%
A280-600 (0.5 M, water):Max. 0.10

Molecular Biology Specifications
DNase Assay:None Detected
RNase Assay:None Detected
Protease Assay:None Detected

IB70180 - Specification Sheet

SDS Link:

IB70180 - SDS

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