Dual Slab Vertical System

Model Number JVD-80

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  • Gel Dimensions: 18.0 cm (wide) x 16.0 cm (long)
  • Maximum Sample Capacity: 27 samples (1 comb, 27 samples)
  • Buffer Capacity: 500 ml (Upper reservoir), 500 ml (Lower reservoir)
  • Maximum Voltage: 600 V
  • Comes with: Upper and lower reservoirs, two inner glass plates, two outer glass plates, 16 cm support rods, two 1.5mm x 18 tooth combs, two 1.5 mm spacer set, four spacer tabs, safety covers, eight sandwich clips, and power cords

The JVD-80 Dual-Slab Vertical Gel System allows rapid analysis of protein and nucleic acid samples in a 16 x 18 cm polyacrylamide gel. This system allows analysis to be completed in less than 90 minutes while maintaining comparable resolution. For greater flexibility, the JVD-80 dual vertical system is adjustable from 16 cm to 42 cm to 62 cm tall, increasing resolution by 2.5 X.

The user can run a single gel or two gels at once. The foolproof gasket and notched plates eliminate leaking during usage. The large upper reservoir is designed to allow easy loading of samples. Additional combs and spacer sets are available in 0.8 mm, 1.5 mm, and 3.0 mm.

The JVD-80 is made from durable cast acrylic for years of faithful service.

Unit dimensions:12.5 cm(H) x 22.0 cm(W) x 39.5 cm(L)
Gel dimensions:18.0 cm(W) x 16 cm(L)
Max sample capacity:27 samples
Buffer capacity:500 ml for upper & lower reservoir
Max volt:600 V

General Information about Vertical ElectrophoresisOur vertical electrophoresis unit “spacers” are customized for our units only. They cannot be used on another company’s unit. Our spacers are orange rubber pieces in which the glass fits into and is held in place.

Options for Cooling a Vertical Gel System1. The user can make up buffer ice cubes (use same buffer that they are running their gel in.) These can be placed in the buffer tank while running the gel to cool it. 2.For the MaGELin systems, an ice pack can be purchased in placed in the buffer tank to cool it down. The product# is IB92080.

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