3-Cylinder Bubble Trap

Model Number ACCFL0002

  • Item Description
  • Comes sealed and irradiated (sterilized)
  • Made of polycarbonate
  • Single use device, cannot be autoclaved.

Made in the USA

The IBI 3-cylinder bubble trap is designed to be used in conjunction with the IBI flow cell systems. It comes complete with the FLCAS0001 3-channel flow cell assembly and can be purchased separately and used with other IBI flow cell components.

The 3-cylinder bubble trap is made of polycarbonate and is a single use device that comes irradiated (sterilized) and ready for use. Its primary function is to remove air bubbles from the tubing of a flow cell system before they reach the growth cell. The bubble trap also helps eliminate pulsations that can occur in the flow due to peristaltic pump action.

The 3-cylinder bubble trap will accommodate one, 3-channel flow cell or three, convertible flow cells. Since each cylinder is separate, not all cylinders need to be connected to the flow cell system.

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