Mini Total RNA Columns and Collection Tubes (RB) Replacement

Model Number IB47390

  • Item Description
  • Specifications
  • Protocol
  • For use with leftover reagents from IBI Total RNA Kits or competitive products
  • Sample Size: 25mg tissue/300µl fresh blood/100mg fresh plant tissue
  • Elution Volume: 50µl
  • Binding Capacity: Up to 60µg

The Replacement Mini Total RNA Columns & Collection Tubes are for use with left over reagents from IBI Total RNA Kits including the following item numbers: IB47321, IB47322, IB47323, IB47301, IB47302 IB47341, and IB47342.

The columns and collection tubes can also be used with comparable, competitive RNA Isolation Kit reagents that utilize a lysis, bind, wash, elute method. However, you must observe the sample size, binding capacity, and elution volume for the replacement column stated in the specifications.

The replacement columns and collection tubes come mated and sterile in sealed packaging.

Sample Size: 25mg of tissue; 300µl of fresh blood; 5 x 106 cultured mammalian cells; 1 x 109 cultured bacterial cells
Format: Spin column
Operation: Centrifuge
Expected Yield: 5 – 30µg
Elution Volume: 50µl
Operation Time: 20 – 60 minutes depending on sample type

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