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Table of Contents:

  • What Makes IBI Scientific Insta-PAGE Special
  • Sizes Available
  • Vertical Unit Compatibility
  • How IBI Scientific Insta-PAGE Acrylamide Solution is Made

Is making acrylamide making a mess of your lab? If your goal is to make your lab life more efficient and simplified, then you are in the right place! In labs both big and small, acrylamides allow for an array of applications depending on your lab’s goals and needs. From sequencing to RNA and even SDS PAGE applications, these solutions help you to perform them all.

IBI Scientific has the acrylamide SOLUTION for you! It is none other than our Insta-PAGE Acrylamide Solution, which has numerous benefits for you and your lab. Read on to learn more about why our Insta-PAGE is already an “insta-hit” with many of our customers.

IBI Scientific Insta-PAGE

What makes IBI Scientific Insta-PAGE Acrylamide Solution special?

  • IBI Scientific Acrylamide is made in our own lab which ensures:
    • that we always have product in stock
    • quality controlled, made in Dubuque, Iowa, USA

 IBI Scientific Sterile Suite

Using our state-of-the-art water purification system guarantees product freshness and quality.

This is achieved through vigorous testing, and sterile filtering so you do not have to worry about the presence of any possible contaminants such as: nucleases nor endotoxins.

 IBI Scientific water system and pure water

What size configurations is IBI Scientific Insta-PAGE available in?

    • IBI Scientific offers a variety of size configurations to fit the needs of your lab:


Model #



List Price


Your Price



INSTA-PAGE Acrylamide 30% Solution 19:1

1 Liter


25% OFF




INSTA-PAGE Acrylamide 30% Solution 29:1

1 Liter


25% OFF




INSTA-PAGE Acrylamide 30% Solution 37.5:1

1 Liter


25% OFF




INSTA-PAGE Acrylamide 40% Solution 19:1

1 Liter


25% OFF




INSTA-PAGE Acrylamide 40% Solution 29:1

1 Liter


25% OFF




INSTA-PAGE Acrylamide 40% Solution 37.5:1

1 Liter


25% OFF




What is IBI Scientific Insta-PAGE compatible with?

Our acrylamide is compatible with our large-format vertical electrophoresis units. Such compatibility makes IBI Scientific a one-stop shop for you and your lab. Do not stress about trying to find products that are compatible, because we have already done it for you!

The vertical units that we offer includes:

 IBI Scientific large-format vertical electrophoresis units

Why is buying a pre-mixed acrylamide solution like Insta-PAGE superior to mixing it yourself?

  • Purchasing a premixed solution is a massive time-saver. Making your own solution is time-consuming and your lab time is better spent doing other things.
  • Buying a premixed solution keeps your lab cleaner and safer. Making acrylamide solution is a messy hazardous job that we have eliminated for you.

Cleaning supplies

  • A premixed solution helps to prevent your lab from over-extending itself. We know labs vary in shape and size - so mixing products by hand is not an option for every researcher.  

How is the IBI Scientific Insta-PAGE Acrylamide Solution made?

  • Acrylamide and bis-acrylamide powder are both portioned out to the required amounts.
  • These powders are then filled into a single bottle to the desired weight.
  • Once this powder mixture reaches the required ratios, IBI Scientific pure water is added to the bottle.
  • The acrylamide solution is mixed thoroughly to ensure proper distribution.
  • After the solution reaches a desired consistency, it is tested for any nucleic activity.
  • When the tests come back negative for the presence of nucleic activity, the bottles are processed, and new Insta-PAGE Acrylamide Solution is added to our inventory and available for shipment.

 Steps to make acrylamide solution

While acrylamide solution is an essential part to numerous labs, it can also cause you headaches. If your lab is making solutions by hand, you know just how tedious, messy, and annoying it can be. IBI Scientific’s Insta-PAGE you can alleviate such annoyances.

IBI Scientific strives to provide outstanding products that are designed with our scientific community in mind.

Click HERE to purchase IBI Scientific Insta-PAGE for your lab.

 IBI Scientific Insta-PAGE product page


If you have any questions regarding our Insta-PAGE or acrylamide solutions, email us at or call us at 800-253-4942.


Written by: Katie Draves






















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