Behind the Scenes— The Making of IBI Scientific

Table of Contents:

  • A Vision for a Better Tomorrow
  • Changing with the Times
  • Why choose IBI brand products?
  • IBI Now

The year is 2004—after 33 years working in a variety of leadership roles across product development, sales, marketing, and international business, IBI President John Stork retired from Barnstead Thermolyne.

For roughly 12 hours.

From there, he and IBI Vice President, Pat Mueller, collaborated to acquire the assets of a Connecticut based company called Shelton Scientific-IBI and relocated it to Iowa. This became the first layer of the business now known as IBI Scientific.

Pat loading a truck to bring Shelton Scientific-IBI from Connecticut to Iowa in 2004.


A Vision for a Better Tomorrow

With ongoing war, disease, and pestilence plaguing the human condition, John and Pat formed a vision for their business: Lessen human suffering. The field of Life Science manufacturing was their answer.

Having focused primarily on reagents and electrophoresis products in the early days of their business, John and Pat saw the need to continue rounding out their product lines over time. In 2012, they purchased Stovall Life Science, Inc.’s bench-top laboratory equipment— bringing new life to the well-known Belly Dancer Shaker, Belly Button Shaker, Low-Profile Roller, and Hi-Lo Rocker. They later went on to develop the Spin Dr. Tube Rotator, to add to the line as well.

Moving forward, John and Pat wanted to ensure IBI manufacturing met the product supply needs of a broad spectrum of life science research, while also offering plenty of options across the various product lines.

Back row L to R: Toby Frericks, Charlie Mueller, Jenny Stork, John Stork

Front row: John Wilmes, Dan Ehlinger, Pat Mueller


Changing with the Times

With the advent of the digital marketplace, John and Pat observed the changing times and embraced the development of a website focused on products, applications, and customer service. This change facilitated decreased transaction times, increased communication with customers, and ultimately improved the entire customer experience.

John and Pat understood that laboratory funding requires researchers to be as cost conscious as possible. Through their website, Pat and John continue to keep costs low while also offering free U.S. shipping.


If low costs aren’t reason enough, why else choose IBI brand products?

IBI brand products are all U.S. made and manufactured locally, with a preference for state local supply chains. When you call IBI Scientific, you don’t hear “We’re experiencing higher than normal call volumes” or monotonous elevator music. Our friendly customer support professionals are readily available to answer your call on the first or second ring.

L to R Backrow: Michael Steines, Charlie Mueller, Dan Ehlinger, Toby Frericks

Front row: Becca Peterson, Brittni Mueller, Pat Mueller, John Stork, Katie Draves, Katie Killion


IBI Now--

IBI Scientific is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Manufacturer of a wide variety of life science research products including-- nucleic acid purification products, electrophoresis products, molecular biology reagents, polymerase chain reaction enzymes, bench-top laboratory equipment and more. These products continue to assist research in universities, large commercial companies, smaller startup research firms, and biotechnology companies worldwide.

Haven’t tried IBI Scientific brand products yet? Give us a call at 800-253-4942 or send an email to so we can start drafting you a quote today.


Written by: Rebecca Peterson


For the latest updates to IBI changes in management, please reference this company update.

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